May 19, 2024
Ross Odgen - Red Cross Volunteer

People say that volunteers are love in motion. That description certainly fits Ross Ogden, a Red Cross volunteer for more than 50 years.

Ross OdgenRoss Ogden has redefined the meaning of volunteerism; for he is helping to shape the entire Red Cross for years to come. As a disaster volunteer, he has participated in more than twenty Disaster Services Human Resources assignments. Ross has received both the Clara Barton Award as well as the National Harriman Award for the Northeast Region in 2001. This past year Ross received the most prestigious honor any Red Cross volunteer can receive across the nation, the National Harriman Award. For years, Ross has worked to grow chapter capacity for service delivery, increasing chapter capability for fundraising, building stronger leadership among chapters and worked to improve technology to have chapters run more efficiently. Ross is fully grounded in the fundamental principles of the Red Cross, he speaks from the heart from his personal experiences as a longtime volunteer.

Ross Ogden says, “To serve others is a privilege, and to do it with the Red Cross is to make a difference to people when they need it most.”

At the Greenwich Chapter, Ross began volunteering in the youth department in 1960. Ross has served as a blood volunteer working as the only health history volunteer in the state of CT, as an active DAT member and as a member of the Emergency Blood Coverage team. He has served on the Board of Directors for multiple terms, as Chapter Chairman from 1974-76, as Disaster Services Chairman, as Youth Services Chair from 1979-83 and is currently on the Board of Advisors.

Ross will do whatever it takes to make sure all his local community’s needs are met as best as he can whether that’s calling a local politician, participating in a local volunteer project or inspiring those around us to become more civic minded and active. He is constantly willing to help the chapter in any disaster relief operations and is a wonderful mentor to new volunteers. He is eager to stop what he is doing in his daily life to immediately assist at a community blood drive. Ross is simply inspirational in his presence, his tone and his message.

His nominator says: “I have never in my life met a person more determined, successful and compassionate as a volunteer as is Ross Ogden. Ross possesses characteristics most do not have. He is a true inspiration to volunteers across the country with his remarkable dedicated to the American Red Cross for so many years. After meeting Ross for the first time you can immediately begin to appreciate all these wonderful characteristics which make Ross so special to all that he has touched.”

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